visiting during covid 19 pandemic


Click Here to fill out the Covid-19 Visitors Questionnaire


Visiting takes place 7 days per week including 2 visitors at a time. Up to 2 supervised children are also welcome. As each visit must be risk assessed, we ask that visits take place between 9.30am - 4pm and from 5-8pm on Thursdays. The Covid-19 questionnaire is now available online and can be completed via your phone or computer. Residents who are not vaccinated should be informed of the specific risk to them of seeing additional people in the absence of vaccination.

Each resident should have the opportunity to identify a nominated support person. The
nominated support person should normally have unrestricted access to the resident for most of the day. 
All visitors are asked for antigen test result (prior to visits or twice weekly if regular visits).
Continue with vaccination of residents and encourage vaccination for staff.

Please wear your mask for the duration of the visit.

Visiting restrictions can be appealed to Owen O'Brien, the Registered Provider Representative (he can contacted through nursing staff).


Organised outings including appointments for residents by car should generally be risk assessed, weighing up with necessity versus the risks. In each case, an individual risk assessment is completed and overseen by the Person in Charge in order to eliminate any identified risk.

Visiting by the Resident to another house

If the resident is absent for less than 12 hours and in the absence of any reported unintended exposure there is generally no requirement for the resident to restrict movement to their room on their return.

Where the resident has been away for more than 12 hours (typically an overnight stay), the resident need not be asked to restrict movement to their room on their return from an overnight stay unless (a) they are known to have been in contact with a person who has travelled outside of Ireland in the 14 days prior to the contact (b) are known to have been in contact with a person suspected or known to have symptoms of Covid-19.

Personal Responsibility:

  • Unvaccinated visitors are required to maintain 2m distance from the resident at all times and continue to wear a mask.
  • We require that prospective visitors undertake to co-operate fully with measures required to ensure that visiting represents the lowest possible risk to all residents and staff. This includes completing a questionnaire, temperature check, time limitations, booking in advance.
  • We limit visiting to times when visiting can be effectively supported by available staff and to apply strict limits on the number of visitors that can be accommodated at one time.
  • We may be obliged to refuse entry to a prospective visitor if the person is unwilling or unable to comply with reasonable measures to protect all residents and staff or if the person has not complied with reasonable measures during a previous visit.
  • Visitors who should be restricting their movements or in quarantine are only permitted in exceptional circumstances approved by the Director of Care/ Designee.
  • Visits should be arranged a minimum of one working day (24 hours) in advance.
  • Public Health guidance regarding international travel applies to these visit and you should refer to for details.
  • Unplanned visits shall not be facilitated.
  • The resident’s right to decline a visitor shall be respected.

Visitors must accept personal responsibility with respect to the risk that they may be inadvertently exposed to infection during the visit and that their safety depends in a large measure on their behaviour during the visit. Equally, visitors may unknowingly pass Covid-19 onto residents.

Please note:

  • Remote visiting (phone and video calls) are available.
  • All visits (remote, window or in designated visiting areas) should be booked with the Administration team between 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday.
  • We really appreciate your understanding of our efforts to reduce the risk of infection with Covid-19 and balancing the well being of residents, families and friends.