Nursing Homes Week 2023

Nursing Homes Week 2023

Nursing Homes Week 2023 marked its impressive tenth anniversary with music, joy, and memorable moments. This annual celebration honors the invaluable role of nursing home care in Irish society.

A Decade of Dedication Over the past ten years, Nursing Homes Week has become a cherished tradition, bringing residents, staff, and communities together. Themed parties, live music, and talent contests filled the celebrations.

Music: The Heartbeat of Care This year's theme, "Music," highlighted the importance of music in nursing home care. Nursing homes across Ireland hosted music-themed events, fostering joy, comfort, and togetherness.

"Music Speaks" Online Festival Nursing Homes Week 2023 introduced the "Music Speaks" online festival, uniting residents, families, staff, and visitors in a celebration of music and memories.

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